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Scroll to find videos, articles and podcasts about cognitive science and framing, compiled by partners at FrameWorks Institute. 


How do social change organizations reframe social issues

"NYU Wagner Professor Erica G. Foldy discusses how grassroots work to shape people's understandings about the people they serve and the cause of and solutions to social issues."

How words change minds: The science of story telling

"Sometimes a good idea isn't enough to drive social change; more important is how you communicate that idea. This is where "issue framing" comes in. In his talk, Nat Kendall-Taylor, PhD, breaks down the science of framing for philanthropy and nonprofit communications."

How can you change someones mind? (hint: facts aren't enough)

"Why do arguments change people’s minds in some cases and backfire in others? Hugo Mercier explains how arguments are more convincing when they rest on a good knowledge of the audience, taking into account what the audience believes, who they trust, and what they value."

Inside Greenhouse

Artists stopped showing us the truth about farming and it's hurting the planet by Chase Purdy

Quartz Media

June 15, 2019


Radically Normal: How Gay Rights Activists Changed The Minds Of Their Opponents

NPR's Hidden Brain

Facts Aren't Enough: The Psychology Of False Beliefs

NPR's Hidden Brain

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