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The Farming and Food Narrative Project

Toward a more productive public conversation.

Purpose & Vision

Our purpose is to create and widely disseminate tools and training that help farmers, scientists, food and agriculture organizations, and businesses communicate and collaborate more effectively with their stakeholders—despite differences and disagreement. We envision new narrative elements, economic incentives, and better-informed policies that make good farming practices more possible, more profitable, better understood, and therefore more widespread so that more farmers, citizens, and all of society can benefit.

“The growers we work with cannot readily explain advanced ecological farming practices to their customers in short, simple ways. And despite decades of marketing experience, neither can we. This project offers hope based in cognitive science, the promise of language, metaphors, and training in how to use them, so the public will actually hear and understand.”

-Michael Rozyne, Red Tomato

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Find out more about the Farming and Food Narrative Project (FFNP) by browsing through our website. Read about the projects beginnings, its structure, its future plans and how you can get involved.


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